Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Monday Again

This new job is great.  I love it!  We did find a babysitter that is great with the boys and has a blast taking care of them. 
With me now working all week it is hard to get things going on the house as fast as I was before, but somehow I managed to find the energy to get one project done this weekend.  It all started Friday night when I got home from work. 
I called my mother and asked if she was going to be home so I could pick up the kitchen flooring that has been sitting in her basement for almost 3 months.  I was going to make it my Saturday project to get it put in.  After I got it home, Mark decided that we where going to start that night.  We worked till 10:30 at night and got half of it complete.  Mind you, I have not had a full-time 40 hour a week job in over 6 years.  I was beat. 
Saturday morning a friend of ours asked us to go fishing with him and his family that afternoon.  So silly us we went, after working on the floor some more.  After fishing, we came home to complete the floor.  It turned out great and I got my kitchen back!!
Sunday was to be our day to rest, but we ended up with some help from one of Mark's cusions that has not had a chance to help before.  And so they begain the project that I have been so waiting for....
Our Room
They only got majority of the foor replaced, but hey it's a start.

My list of things to do this week:
  • Get all the stuff ready for the garage sale
  • Lay flooring in the hallway
  • Dry wall our room

Monday, June 18, 2012

The start of a new adventure!

This past week or so has been busy.  Since my last post, I have gotten Xavier and Isaac into their room, all the kids toys have now been divided between the 2 rooms and the kids couldn't be happier.  I got the living room primed and carpet tacked down.  And the kitchen has been primed and ready for paint.

The kid's bathroom and laundry are all painted and look great.

The blue I used on the walls looks white in bright light, but has that light blue feeling which I just love.
For Father's Day weekend, we went to the Truck and Tractor pulls on Friday.  The kids had a blast cheering on any John Deere tractors they could find.  For Saturday, Xavier, Ares, Marshall, and I headed up to The Willow for a fun day of visiting with the Emmerich clan.  When we got home, Mark and I were going to have a night out, Mark left first, but was rained out before I got the chance to leave (there is always next weekend).  Sunday was a cleaning day for me.  It is so hard to clean this place with all the work being done.  We live in here, but with somethings not done yet, it feels like when I clean, that it truly isn't clean. 
Our newest adventure begins today.  I got a job at Plastics!  I was lucky enough to get first shift, but to this family, it is going to be rough.  I have never had a Full-time job before.  All the jobs that I have had are part-time due to the hours that I was needed home with the boys.  This is going to be a grand adventure to say the least.  The boys don't seem to mind yet, they get to go spend time out at the ranch until I can find Daycare in town. 
List of things to do this week:
  • Have fun at my new job.
  • Find in town Daycare
  • Get the garage sale coordinated with the girls
  • Start work on our room (the couch isn't comfy anymore)
  • Get a door on the bathroom (the curtain lets light through and woke Marshall up at 4:45 this morning)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bad day for working

I had what I was going to get done to day all in order.  That didn't work out so well. 
First thing to do:
Sand the mudd I applied yesterday
The corners weren't dry
Second thing to do:
Sand the second coat of mudd in the bathroom
COMPLETE and primed
Third thing to do:
Apply second coat of mudd to the dry wall
When I finally got to sanding Xavier and Isaac's room and was trying to apply the mudd, it is too hot in here that it wont spread.
So I improvised today.  I went and got the paint for the ceiling and started in the bathroom.  I also got the paint for the bathroom, so now tomorrow if I have any more problems, I will be able to paint the bathroom.  As long as I can get Mark to unhook the toilet for me.
Since I didn't get much done, I figured I would get a few pictures for you on what has been accomplished.
This is the competed room of Ares and Marshall.
The trim has yet to be put on, but for what we are doing now it is DONE!
Marshall insisted that he needed to be in the picture.

These are of Xavier and Isaac's room.
This room is kicking my butt and I only started on it Monday

The bathroom looks VERY WHITE!!
I hate white.
Mark better take the toilet out tomorrow so I can paint it.

 Wish me luck on being able to get the room done and to be able to sand the living room and laundry room tomorrow.  My washer and dryer are sitting in the halway until I can get it complete.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lazy Weekend

I haven't gotten much done with the house this weekend.  Friday was the day to get Ares and Marshall into their new room.  We tacked some carpet down until we can get to installing the carpet in the whole house.  Then it was finally time to bring in a set of bunkbeds and put them together.  they have their dressers and a couple bins of toys.  I didn't want to put too many toys in there since Xavier and Isaac will be sharing the room with them for the next week. 
So when they got home from school on Friday, they were surprised with their room being done.  I will post picks of the done room in my next entry.
Saturday we took a break from the house and went to party with my family for my baby sister's graduation.  It is so hard to believe she is now completly grown.  I remember all her first just like my own children.  The boys had a blast running around at grandma's for the day.
Tip for entertaining children:
Someone decided to pull out a piece of bubble wrap and the children had a field day.  I have decided to go buy a big role from Walmart and keep it in my closet for when they say they are bored.
On Sunday, Mark and I hung the drywall around the washer and dryer.  Then went to visit with his parents.  We picked up Isaac for summer break and came home to get the other boys ready for their last few days of school.
Today I was back to normal.  I got Xavier and Isaac's room mudded, the rest of the living room, dinning room, and washer and dryer area.  The only diffence today was that I had a tail.  Isaac is not use to being here without the other boys, so he spent the day following me and telling me about everything that has ever happened in his life.  It was so nice to get to hear him talk so much. 
Tomorrows projects are sanding that getting the second coat of mudd on it all, sanding and primaring the rest of the bathroom, and grocery shopping.  With the energy that I have had these past few weeks, this will be easy.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Room Awesome

Today was another very productive day for me.  I started out the day garage saleing with a friend of mine.  We got to a few and I got some great deals on pants for Xavier. 
When I got home I was all prepared for a day of resting, but started sanding the drywall again.  When that was done, I decided to paint the primer on the walls that I had just completed, and while working on that I decided to paint the ceiling as well.  Now everything in my hallway is WHITE!  How I hate white. 
Then I got the ceiling patched in Marshall and Ares' room, so while I had the mud out, I finished mudding the kid's bathroom.
The only project I had planned to do today was Marshall and Ares' room.  Which I did get that done as well.
Here is the AWESOMENESS we got done!!!

Marshall loves it more than Ares, but once it's done he will love it too.
Now for tomorrow:
  • Fix primer in hallway and touch up spots on bare walls (we got some on while doing awesome)
  • Cut carpet for room
  • Get all the boys moved into room so I can start on Xavier and Isaac's room

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We are back!!!

Things get so crazy here during the school year that I have no time for my blog.  So now with work done for the summer and my class load reducing to one class this summer, WE ARE BACK!!!
It has been a rough year on all of us here, but we now have a bright spot, we got a new trailer in at the beginning of May.  It is not a new trailer by any means, but new to us.  It is a complete remodel project, and everyone has been involved in it.
This is what it looked like on the inside when we bought it last fall.

This is the kitchen

Laundry area

Our bathtub

Our bathroom sink

Living room

Kid's Bathtub

Kid's sink

Hallway to Kid's rooms and their bathroom

This is what it looked like when it moved into our lot and we began work on it.

We stayed in the camper for a little over a week. Thanks to my dad and step-mom, working straight for two weekends.
And as of today this is where we are:
These are Marshall and Ares' room.  It is ready to be painted tonight.

The tiles in the Kid's bathtub.

Hallway to the living room.

Xavier and Isaac's room.

These are our messy Living room.

Hallway to the Kid's rooms.

My kitchen.

Dinning room

Laundry Area

Our bathroom

Our room

Our closet

It is a work in progress and I'm trying to get as much as I can done before the kids get out of school next week.  Wish me luck! 
I will try to update my progress each day with rooms I get to. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School

Yesterday was my first day back at work.  It was great to see most of the girls I work with.  These girls are all so different it's amazing that they all are so good with the children in their own way.  Yesterday was a day for training, which seems odd, but we go through it every year.  Each year is different, not all are helpful, but they are a time to get back into the grove of things.
The boys loved their day at the ranch.  From what they told me they rode horse pretty much all day.  They all fell asleep the moment we put them to bed.  This whole week should be exhausting for them.  We will all need a vacation when it's done.